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Vietnam Airlines best perceived brand among Vietnamese women

Kim Ho

5 MARCH 2019 -- Vietnam Airlines tops YouGov’s annual list of the best rated brands among women.

YouGov Plan & Track data ranks the brands that have left the most positive impression on women. The national carrier heads the list with a score of 71.6. International electronics giants Samsung (in second with a score of 60.0) and Panasonic (in third with a score of 44.2) complete the top three.

B2 - BrandIndex Results

Two instant noodle brands make the list with Omachi in fourth (41.9) and Hao Hao in fifth (41.8), while sanitary napkin brand Diana comes in sixth (38.4). Snackfood Kinh Do is in seventh (38.0) followed by and milk brand Dutch Lady in eighth (35.9). The top ten is rounded out by fashion retailer Viettien comes in ninth (34.3) and toothpaste brand Close-Up in tenth (33.7).

B2 - BrandIndex Results 2

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