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YouGov Best Brand Rankings 2021 receives great coverage in Vietnam

Huong Le

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YouGov's Best Brand Rankings 2021 is taking Vietnam by storm - here is what Vietnam's top publications are saying about the ranking and its winners

"Samsung has moved up one spot since 2020 with a total score of 54.7. The South Korean tech giant alone accounts for around 20% of Vietnam’s exports and 170,000 jobs nationwide.
Behind Samsung, Shopee, and Panasonic, most of the winners are Vietnamese brands including Vietnam Airlines, Thế giới di động, Biti's, e-wallet MoMo, and packaged food brands namely Hảo Hảo, Omachi, Kinh Đô."
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"Vietnam Airlines is the only carrier in the Vietnam Best Brands Rankings 2021, standing at the second place, according to the list unveiled by the international research and data analytics firm YouGov."
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"The pandemic, with the grounding of flights and travel restrictions, appears to have hurt Vietnam Airlines' score, which was 61.5 last year. Meanwhile, as online retail thrived during lockdowns, digital devices and e-commerce platforms moved up the rankings. In 2020 Samsung and Shopee has moved up to 1st and 3rd place from 2nd and 7th spot, respectively"
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Vietnam Investment Review
"Vietnam Airlines is the only representative of the travel sector in YouGov Best Brand Rankings 2021 thanks to its efforts in COVID-19 response such as tightening measures against the pandemic to ensure safety for passengers."
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"Shopee has been named in the top 3 'Best Brands in Vietnam 2021' and is the only e-commerce platform to participate in this year's league table. Shopee also holds the 6th position in the global best brand rankings."
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Saigon Times
"The rankings also measure changing trends in consumer sentiment, tracking which brands have improved over time. According to this ranking, VietinBank is one of the five "most improved" brands, increasing by 4.8 points in the past 12 months. YouGov also released a list of brands that have recorded the biggest improvement in their Index scores over the past year. Shopee, one more time, ranked 3rd of brands with most growth, up 6.4 points compared to 2020.
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"Using the exclusive method YouGov BrandIndex - a tool that monitors consumer perception of brands - to measure the brand health, YouGov has named the Top 10 Best Brands in Vietnam 2021. In particular, MoMo is a new name, suddenly breaking through to stand next to major international brands, which are already familiar to Vietnamese people such as Samsung, Panasonic or domestic "old" giants like Vietnam Airlines, Biti's, Kinh Đô."
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News outlets aren't the only ones sharing the Best Brand Rankings. Many winners are sharing the YouGov awards on their social media channels.news clipping 2 The Best Brand Rankings is a cause for celebration - with YouGov customized award, it is a great chance for brands to recognize all of their hard efforts.

Ranking & Methodology
Based on more than 54,750 interviews with Vietnamese consumers between October 2020 and September 2021, the rankings are an aggregate of six unique criteria measuring overall brand health. Each business is rated on its reputation, customer satisfaction, value-for-money, quality, overall impression, and whether people would recommend it to others.

For this year's global list, YouGov used data from 54 markets.

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