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Global Future of Financial Services 2022

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Will digital-only supersede traditional banking?
trust in financial services
Technology will remove the need for us to use physical cash
factors important when choosing a financial company
The financial services industry has been undergoing rapid transformation driven by both changing consumer expectations and wider industry fragmentation.

We have seen the profound impact that digitisation has had on consumer behaviours and expectations, and the dramatic effect of the pandemic on both technology change and patterns of behaviour. In addition, the entire financial services ecosystem has experienced accelerated industry fragmentation. We have seen the rise of digital-only brands challenging traditional banking spaces, the emergence of new business models and innovations that challenge the industry status quo, and the creation of financial products like cryptocurrency – once seen as having niche and short-lived appeal – becoming - more mainstream.

In this YouGov report we set out to explore the current global financial landscape, and identify global adoption of, and trust in, new and emerging financial services. We also delve into sustainable finance to understand the degree to which consumers are making sustainable investment choices, and the role that sustainability plays in consumer decision-making when making financial choices.

This report uses deep-dive YouGov Custom Research across 18 international markets in tandem with syndicated data from YouGov Profiles.

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