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YouGov Best Brands 2020


‘YouGov’s Best Global Brands rankings’ are calculated using data we collect from members of the public in markets around the globe every day, from our BrandIndex tool. Every brand’s performance is tracked daily against a range of metrics and our Best Global Brands ranking is determined using their Index score – which assesses overall brand health. It takes into account perceptions of a brand’s reputation; whether consumers would recommend the brand; and whether it represents good value and quality.

YouGov BrandIndex draws data from 9 million interviews across 40 sectors and 40 markets globally. This year’s ranking includes the views of more of the world’s consumers than ever before from the world’s biggest economies, including USA, China, Japan, Germany, India and the UK, and many more markets across the globe. Each day consumers are asked their view on brands across various markets, which allows YouGov to build a picture of how different brands are perceived by the general public through comparing Index scores – which is a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation.

  • Impression – whether someone has a positive or negative impression of a brand
  • Quality – a net measure of whether consumers think the brand represents good or poor quality
  • Value – a net measure of whether consumers think the brand represents good or poor value for money
  • Satisfaction – whether someone is a satisfied or dissatisfied customer
  • Recommend – whether someone would recommend a brand to a friend or not
  • Reputation – whether someone is proud or embarrassed to work for a brand 

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